There are several ways you can download your ticket to your mobile phone. Select the option that is best for you:

Log into your account on either a phone or PC and go to the My Tickets section of your account by clicking the Menu button.

Access it directly and bookmark

If your ticket has not yet been activated, click the Activate and Use Ticket button.  This will prompt you to activate your ticket and then load it onto your phone.

To access the ticket directly, click the Show Ticket button - this will load your ticket onto your phone.

Because your ticket is a generated by a Web link, you can bookmark the Web address of your ticket using your phone browser's bookmark feature, which may also give you the option to save the link onto your phone's home screen.

Access it via SMS Text Message

To receive your ticket's Web link by SMS text message, click the button that says Send Ticket Link by SMS.  This will send a text message to the mobile number registered to your account containing the Web link to your ticket. This can take a few minutes depending on your network provider.

Click on the link within your text message at anytime to access your ticket.  If your ticket has not yet been activated, your will be prompted to do so before it is downloaded to your phone.

Saving for Later

Tickets with a Flexible Start Date are NOT activated until you actually request activation and then confirm.  You can bookmark or store the link until you are ready to do this.  When activating a ticket, you will presented with the following confirmation page.

Note that when first activating and downloading your ticket, you will need to be able to connect to the Internet on your phone (using Wi-Fi or mobile Internet) when you want to activate and display your ticket.  Operator data charges may apply if you are downloading over a mobile network and do not have an inclusive data allowance.

On most phones, once it has been downloaded you do not need an Internet connection to access it in the future - however this depends on the capability of your phone.  We recommend that you try this first on your handset before attempting to use without an Internet connection.

From time-to-time, for security, purposes your ticket will need to connect to our server for validation and you will be prompted when this is the case.  An Internet connection will be required for this.

Please contact our customer services team if you experience any issues with downloading and using your tickets.

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