The My Mobile Tickets application runs in your phone's browser as a Web Application, therefore it will run on most smartphones.

You can access the app by going to in your phone's browser.  You can then add the app's Web site to your bookmarks, or as a shortcut on your home screen along with your other apps that you have downloaded.  Some operators have their own Web address for their mobile ticket app which they will have published.

We decided to have a Web-based app so that our service is accessible by any one with a smartphone, and not just for iPhone and Android users with the latest handsets.  This also means that we can regularly and quickly release updates and new features for all users at the same time, and ensure that everyone has the same experience, which means we can support and help our users much more effectively.

As long as your phone's browser supports HTML5 and Javascript, it should work with the My Mobile Tickets application - and this should cover most smartphones released since 2010.

Native apps are also costly to develop and maintain, and this would mean increasing the fees charged to the transport operators for using our platform, which would inevitably be passed on in the ticket price charged to you.  Many of our operators offer lower ticket prices when using My Mobile Tickets when compared to paying cash onboard.

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