On tickets from certain operators, you may find that there is a word at the top of the ticket, as shown in the image below.  The word will change each day, and the word is pre-defined by our system for any given day.  The words have no particular order or pattern from day-to-day and are generated by the central ticket server.

Why is it there?

The Word-of-the-Day is an additional security feature to ensure that the ticket being shown is genuine and is valid for that given day.  The word displayed must match the word that the operator / driver is expecting to be shown on that day.

It will alternate every couple of seconds with the time set on your mobile device so that the driver or inspector can ensure that the ticket is live and is synchronised with your device.  The ticket will also be synchronised with the time on our central ticket server and you may be requested to correct the time on your device before the ticket will be displayed.

Does the phone need to be online after it's downloaded?

As with all of our tickets, the ticket will remain in the browser's application cache so that it is available from a bookmark, home page link or SMS link, even if your phone is offline and/or has no data signal.  However, with tickets featuring the Word-of-the-Day, only a certain number of words are encoded within the ticket at any one time, and you will need to ensure your device is online (Wi-Fi or mobile Internet) every few days and the ticket loaded in order to update the words.  Please see the following articles for further help on these topics:

HOW TO: Access and Download Your Ticket to Your Phone

HELP: Do I Need to be Online to Use My Ticket?

We do recommend, however, that your device is online where possible when accessing your ticket to always ensure it's up-to-date and validated against the central ticket server.

What happens if the expected word is not shown?

The driver or inspector will know which word should be shown on that day and may not deem the ticket to be genuine if the correct word isn't displayed.  In these circumstances we recommend that you force your device to reload to the ticket to the latest version, which will also reload the expected words encoded within the ticket.  Please see the following article for further help on this:

HOW TO: Reload Your Ticket to the Latest Version


It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to ensure that their ticket is correct and valid, and that they are complying with the operator's conditions of carriage.  You can also find the terms and conditions of use for the My Mobile Tickets service here