When you first activate and download your ticket or multi-buy credit, you will need to be able to connect to the Internet on your phone (using Wi-Fi or mobile Internet).

Operator data charges may apply if you are downloading over a mobile network and do not have an inclusive data allowance.  The download size of the ticket package is small and should be no more than 200Kb.

On most modern smartphones (iPhone, Android or Windows), once it has been downloaded it should remain in your phone's application cache and can be reloaded into your browser by using the same link (either from a bookmark or SMS message containing your ticket link), even if your device is not on-line.

However this depends on the capability of your phone, and we recommend that you try this first on your handset before attempting to use the service without an Internet connection when trying to board.  Most tickets have security features such as animation, wavy lines and count down to the expiry time.  These, too, should remain active even when the device is offline, but again, you should check this to ensure that you are not refused boarding.

If you clear or disable your browser's cache at any time, you will be required to be online the next time you want to access your ticket.

From time-to-time, for security purposes, your ticket will need to connect to our server for validation and you will be prompted when this is the case.  An Internet connection will be required for this.

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