Your ticket may get locked when we detect that it is possibly being accessed on a device different from the one it was originally activated on.  This can also occur if your device's software has been updated or if you used a different browser.  Generally tickets are not allowed to be downloaded to more than one device.

To unlock the ticket, you need to access the ticket using the link in the SMS message or bookmark you may have previously saved, using the device you want to use it with.  You will then be required to enter your account password, and your ticket will be unlocked for that device.

Our system will use various parameters to determine whether the device has changed, but you may also be required to unlock your ticket if your device has not been online for a period of time.

Additional Note About Web Filtering and Security Services

You may find that sometimes your ticket gets locked if, for example, you activate a credit / ticket on your device when connected to your home Wi-Fi network in the morning, then access it using the mobile network at some point in the future.  This is because that some ISPs will intercept the Web request from the app and perform web-filtering / parental control scans on the URL that relates to your ticket.  This then get presented to our system as a different "device" accessing your ticket, thus causing it to lock.  Currently the only workaround is to ensure that your ticket is activated only when connected to the mobile network, and not your home network.

Please contact our customer services team if you experience any issues with security locked tickets.

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